As a courageous and curious woman in the world, these are the people, places and things that inspire me and keep me in my values and on the right path. 

Dare to Lead | Braving the Wilderness | Daring Greatly

Brene Brown is a shame researcher story-teller who believes in the power of vulnerability - in order to get to courage we have to walk through vulnerability. Embrace the suck! She has written 5 No.1 New York Times best-sellers and her TED talk is one of the most watched, and she is just about to air on Netflix. She inspires me to keep showing up, living brave and being seen. I have completed her Dare to Lead  and Daring Way course and am a HUGE fan. 

Painted Heart

I use this daily diary to record and breakdown my goals into actionable daily milestones, my passions, wins, lessons learnt and gratitude. Its great if you like a bit creativity within structure. You can order a Best Self Diary here. It helps me on the right path and keeps me playing BIG!

Playing BIG

Tara Mohr is a life coach and has developed strategies to help women play bigger in all areas of their life but particularly in their work. This book really made me think about areas where I am playing small, and encourages me to take a leap! 

The Leap
Emily Nagoski

'The surprising science that will transform your sex life' - who doesn't want that?! A brilliant book by sex educator Emily Nagoski 'debunking the myths that are making some women (and some men) feel inadequate between the sheets'. In it, she totally normalises everything about sex and focuses on female sexuality and sensuality, and that's it ok to ask for what we need as women. In fact, it's essential! 

Heart Sunglasses
Rick Carson

A MUST READ for anyone (and this is everyone) who is caught up by their internal critic. Gremlin- taming is a wonderful book that is essential reading if you wish to get to grips with what is holding you in the dark in your fear, and helps you step into the light.  'A surprisingly simple method for getting out of your own way'...READ NOWW!!!

Half Full Moon

I have a daily practice of yoga and meditation keeps me centred and connected. Adriene is a yoga warrior with such love and generosity. You can check her out on on her website or on youtube. There is yoga for every person and every occasion. 

Women Stretching

Kristen taught me the importance of self-compassion. Loving yourself through a struggle, letting the emotion pass through rather than pushing it away or burying it. Powerful stuff. Check out her website. 

Yoga at Home

I love an audiobook and podcasts - inspiration on the move! Find a list below of those that have lifted me up...

  • My dad wrote a porno - HILARIOUS

  • SERIAL - genius 

  • My Thoughst Exactly by Lily Allen - very honest account of her life.  

  • Big Magic audiobook by Elizabeth Gilbert  - v.helpful for freelancers

  • Desert Island Discs - Tom Hanks episode particularly good. 

  • The Guilty Feminist podcast - Deborah Frances-White = legend.

  • TED Talks daily podcast 

  • The GOOP - Oprah & Gwyneth - Epside 1 - so inspiring

Blue Headset
Oprah Winfrey

"I know for sure: Your journey begins with a choice to get up, step out, and live fully."  A beautiful collection of articles Oprah write for her magazine, her life lessons. Easy to pick up and digest a nugget of wisdom when you need a little inspiration! Oprah always reminds me to be grateful and to take risks.  

Open Field